Kankakee Community College

The Chief of Police/Director of Public Safety of Kankakee Community College’s Police Department is responsible for matters of police policy, operations, and discipline. The Chief is responsible for the planning, correcting, coordinating, controlling and staffing of all activities of the department for its continued and efficient operation; for the enforcement of rules and regulations with the staff, students and visitors of the college community and other agencies; and for the successful accomplishment of the mission of the department. The Chief is dedicated to the learning college concepts by developing programs and facilitating activities that promote student success and lifelong learning.

This position serves as the Chief law enforcement officer for the college charged with direct oversight and control of the law enforcement division and the administrative services function of the police department including budgets, inventory, personnel and legal compliance.


A. Develops department policies, general orders, and directives, in accordance with college policies and guidelines. 

B. Reports all department activities to the Vice President for Business Affairs and the college President as requested. 

C. Directs all police activities including patrols, investigations, and complaint intakes. 

D. Possesses the ability to perform all law enforcement functions including patrols, investigation, and interviews. 

E. Maintains all accurate records required for the department. 

F. Ensures compliance with all Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board standards. 

G. Develops all required department reports and report forms. 

H. Maintains effective relations with all other law enforcement agencies. 

I. Develops proactive crime prevention programs. 

J. Develops and maintains an effective training program for all officers and department administrators. 


KCC encourages applications from candidates who reflect the increasing diversity of KCC’s student body and community, and who will enhance and promote engagement with other cultures.

KCC is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer.