ICLEA Spring Meeting Agenda – DRAFT NOTES
Wed. April 18th 2018- 9:30 am-1:00 pm
Location Illinois State University
Ewing Cultural Center – Corner of Towanda and Emerson

1. President O’Connor call meeting to order- 9:35am
2. Pledge of Allegiance to U.S. Flag
3. Introduction of Board Members- All present
4. Introduction of Members Present- Individual introductions
5. Minutes of Last Meeting Nov. 2nd, 2017 (Secretary Montanari)
Motion by Keith Gehrand to accept the minutes and seconded by Dale Newsome
Motion carried unanimously

6. Treasurer’s Report by Treasurer Ballard –
Motion by Jim Montanari to accept the report and seconded by Aaron Cook
Motion carried unanimously
Treasurer Ballard reported progress with updating non-profit status requirements
7. President’s Report – O’Connor
• Website update on paid job advertising, seeking high quality campus policing photos and looking to create generic password for access to minutes
• Transition planning discussion about preparing future leaders for your department and support from your administration

8. Vice President’s report – Newsome
• Thank you to ISU and Chief Woodruff for hosting meeting
• Further development of website advertising for corporate sponsorships discussed. Need to review acceptable use guidelines.

9. Mia Langheim- updates from (STIC) Unable to attend- forwarded messages
• Report bomb threats to STIC
• Share suspicious incidents with STIC

10. Legislative update- pending legislation that will impact college and universities
• Pending legislation issues- See Attachment 10.A
• PSAP consolidation impact discussion concerning prohibition on transfer of 911 calls to a non 911 center. Recommend meeting with your local/regional 911 board/center to clarify practices and legalities.
• ILACP Legislative Donation Recommendation
Motion by Pete Commanda to make same donation as last year and seconded by Scott Harris Motion carried unanimously

11. Modification of By-Laws (Chap. 3, Sec. A.) See Attachment 11.A
• Elections held at Spring meeting
Motion by Joe Drought to amend by-laws regarding elections times to Spring and seconded by Keith Gehrand Motion carried unanimously
• Remove regional committee reference
Motion by Aarron Cook to remove by-laws regional committees reference and seconded by Rich Soderquist Motion carried unanimously

12. Old Business
• ITTF Report by Joe Drought
ITTF is back to being an advisory group to the Governor
9 Task Force Sub-Committees have been paired down to 5
Competition for funding is fierce
Governor is seeking feedback on school/campus safety K-12 and H.E.
School safety working group is looking at protocols regarding:

  1. Formalizing threat assessment processes for K-12
  2. Physical security and target hardening
  3. Internal school emergency response protocols

13. New Business/Announcements
• Yvonne Meyer elected as IACLEA Member-at-large- congratulations!
• John Wu retiring from Waubonsee Community College on May 13

14. Biannual election of officers through Spring of 2020
Motion by Pete Commanda to accept the four nominated candidates and seconded by Scott Harris Motion carried unanimously
Motion by Keith Gehrand to close nominations and seconded by Rich Soderquist Motion carried unanimously
Motion by Joe Drought to elect the entire slate of candidates and seconded by Rich Soderquist Motion carried unanimously
• President: Dale Newsome- Dir. of Public Safety/Security, Olivet University
• Vice- President: Aaron Woodruff-Chief of Police, Illinois State University
• Secretary: Jim Montanari- Chief of Police, Lewis University PD
• Treasurer: Chris Ballard- Dir. of Public Safety/Chief, Millikin University PD

15. Adjournment

Attachment 10.A Legislative Update/Pending Legislation

Attachment 11.A Modifications to By-Laws and Proposed Language