ICLEA Spring Meeting – Minutes (Approved Nov. 2, 2017)
March 29th 2017- 10:00hrs-1:30 pm
Olivet Nazarene University- Warming House
Bourbonnais, Illinois

1. President O’Connor call meeting to order- 10:15am
2. Pledge of Allegiance to U.S. Flag
3. Introduction of Board Members
4. Introduction of Members Present
5. Minutes of Last Meeting by Secretary Montanari- Accepted
1st Chris Ballard
2nd Rich Soderquist

6. Treasurer Report by Treasurer Ballard- Accepted
1st Emad Eassa
2nd Brian Joschko

7. President’s Report –-O’Connor
• Re-submission of paperwork to State of Illinois and IRS – Not for profit status
• Law enforcement in Higher Education challenges and successes
• Multiple Chief and Director retirements and position changes this year
• Congratulations to new Chiefs/Directors! Fellow ICLEA member assistance

8. Vice President’s report –Newsome No report
9. Mia Langheim- updates from (STIC)- Trends
• Protests- Fringe groups recruiting on campus/ i.e. New Black Panther Party at Millikin Univ. / White Nationalist groups showing activity/ support immigrant rights/ anti-President/first amendment / security and violence concerns
• Bomb threats- Continuing in various forms including via email
• Hoaxes- Fake billing to Universities/hacked student accounts/phishing emails
• ISIS media- A new wave of high quality video is being distributed/ general theme encourages followers to take action on their own
• Cyber-crime- Ransom requests using student accounts/public WI-FI security cautions/cyber security precautions while travelling
• Assistance requested with drug use survey
• School Safety Security grant- contact Mia
• Discussion- Know your point of contact with FBI

10. Legislative update- pending legislation that will impact college and universities. Pres. O’Connor *ICLEA- Positions on Legislation for this session.
• Information sharing with ILACP and ICLEA/ get involved!
• How to submit witness slips/ contacting legislators
• Discussion- State budget impacts
Legislation in Committee as of this date
HB 3023 Higher Ed. Sexual Assault Investigation (ILACP/IL Sheriffs/ICLEA opposed)
Sexual assault investigations to be handled by municipal or county police
HB0469 College Police Vehicles (ILACP/ICLEA supports)
Distinctive license plates
HB2591 Criminal and Traffic Assessment (ILACP/IL Sheriffs/opposed)
Elimination of traffic ticket administrative fee to police training MTU’s
HB0418 Police Return To Service (ILACP supports revised version)
Suspension of current pension when re-employed as police officer at another agency
Renegotiated language by ILACP with Rep. Wehrli with more realistic parameters
HB0242 College Admission Inquiries (ICLEA opposed)
No arrest or conviction inquiries during admissions process
HB3142 Criminal History In College Applications (ICLEA opposed)
No arrest or conviction inquiries during admissions process
HB104 Sex Offender Battery Registration (Proposed by ILACP)
Registration as a sex offender when convicted of sexually motivated battery
HB243 School Police Job Training Program (ILACP neutral)
High schools to develop police academy programs with local LE agency
HB271 Serialization Of Ammunition (ILACP opposed)
Requires serial number stamps on cartridge casings and record keeping
HB309 Sex Offender Registration Loss Of Employment Reporting (ILACP supports)
Three days to report loss of employment to local law enforcement
HB426 Immigration Safe Zone (ILACP opposes this version of legislation)
House version severely restricts state, county, local LE interaction with federal LE

11. Statement and discussion on Immigration Enforcement on Campus- Discussion
• Campus law enforcement and immigration enforcement/ consensus that primary responsibility is with our students
• Importance of cooperation – not obstruction- with Federal law enforcement
• Immigration status alone should typically not involve police/ criminal versus civil violations/ develop a department policy
• Legal opinion indicates “Sanctuary Campus” is not a legal standing

12. Old Business: Open Discussion from the floor- None
13. New Business Discussion of Training needs/ discussion- None
14. Unfinished Business- Update on Web site- Secretary Montanari
15. Adjournment- 1:00pm
1st Emad Eassa
2nd John Tsouchlos