ICLEA Fall Meeting – Agenda (Approved April 18, 2018)
November 2nd 2017- 10:00hrs-1:30 pm
Location Joliet Junior College
Lunch Sponsor- Check Video

1. President O’Connor call meeting to order- 10:10am
2. Pledge of Allegiance to U.S. Flag
3. Introduction of Board Members
4. Introduction of Members Present
5. Minutes of last meeting by Secretary Montanari- Accepted
• 1st Darren Blair
• 2nd Aaron Cook

New website update- Montanari
• New website up and webmail operational
• Seeking high quality campus police related photos

6. Treasurer Report- Ballard – Accepted
• 1st Dale Newsome
• 2nd Pete Comanda
IRS and NFP status review- Ballard

7. Vice-President’s Report – Newsome
Thank you to JJC for hosting and set-up on short notice

8. President’s report – O’Connor
• Biannual election of officers for our Spring 2018 meeting
• Role of ICLEA – Increased profile/ Statewide reference to legislators and media
• Ohio State University- summary of lessons learned (from July 2017 presentation at NU)
• Illinois Trust Act- still allows cooperation with Federal LE/establish Department policy

9. FBI Campus Liaison Program- Overview and Goals
(Agenda change from STIC updates)
Agents Laura Miller and Doug Lindsay
• Provide single point-of-contact with FBI
• Conduit between Campus and JTTF
• Point-of-contact for agents working cases
• Established contacts in the event of a crisis
Overview of FBI Guardian program for all counter-terrorism related concerns
Our contacts- FBI Chicago CT5
Primary-Agent Laura Miller lbmiller@fbi.gov
Alternate- Agent Doug Lindsay dalindsay@fbi.gov

10. Legislative update- Pat O’Connor
SB2370 New Juvenile Requirements- In custody interrogation
Provides that a minor who was under 18 at the time of the commission of an offense must be represented by counsel throughout the entire interrogation. Includes new waiver- Juvenile Protective Rights. The text of the law is for an act if committed by an adult would be a misdemeanor or a felony. Those offenses that are status offenses or only juvenile offenses are not included-curfew, minor in possession, truancy. Discussion on monitoring the ages of your student population.

SB3096 Sexual assault investigation requirements
Provides that on or before 01/01/18, every IL law enforcement agency shall develop, adopt, and implement written policies regarding procedures for incidents of sexual assault or sexual abuse.
Includes mandatory report writing, responding officer responsibilities, collecting, storing and testing of evidence. Release of information to victim related to evidence testing.

SB0058 Police Community Improvement Act- amendment
Provides that each law enforcement agency shall adopt a written policy regarding drug testing following an officer-involved shooting. Effective 08/25/17
Follow-up discussion involved union grievances and union claims that this provision was a contractual issue. Several Chiefs in attendance advised that their institutions lawyer was involved.

SURS Pension Pat O’Connor seeking a legislative sponsor to address issue with Tier II police officer pensions requiring age 67 for maximum retirement benefit. Contact Pat if you need details.

HB3142 Criminal History in college applications
Provides that a public college may not inquire about or consider an applicant’s criminal history information at any time during the admission decision -making process, except as required by State or federal law. Allows inquiry for certain purposes after the decision-making process.
Currently in Assignments Committee as of 05/26/17. Assessment- this will possibly undergo revision but has gained momentum to pass in some form. Recommend institutions develop a written applicant review/appeal process with the burden on the institution to show cause for admission denial. ICLEA will continue to follow-

11. Old Business: Open Discussion from the floor/ No new topics
12. New Business Discussion of Training needs/ Held for next meeting
13. Unfinished Business- discussed during President’s Report- Board candidates
14. Adjournment- Accepted
• 1st Chris Ballard
• 2nd Joe Brankin

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