Millikin University- Decatur IL
Lower level East room of Richard Treat University Center
Oct. 26th, 2016 -10:00hrs-2:00 pm
1. President O’Connor call meeting to order 10:10am

2. Pledge of Allegiance to U.S. Flag

3. Introduction of Board Members
President Pat O’Connor (Chief of Police Moraine Valley Community College)
Vice President Dale Newsome (Director of Security and Safety Olivet Nazarene University)
Treasurer Chris Ballard (Director of Public Safety and Police Chief Millikin University)
Secretary James Montanari (Chief of Police Lewis University)

4. Introduction of Members Present

5. Minutes of Last Meeting – Montanari

Motion to approve- Darren Blair ONU/ Second Aaron Cook RCC

6. Treasures’ Report -Ballard (Report attached)
Motion to approve- Shawn Cisna BHC/ Second Dale Newsome ONU

7. Vice President’s report –Newsome. ONU is available for the next ICLEA meeting

8. President’s Report- O’Connor

Presentation by Univ. of IL Urbana/Champaign Chief of Police Jeff Christensen
Police response to events surrounding fatal shooting near campus/lessons learned
• Innocent people hit by gunfire with one killed near campus
• By-standers videoing incident rather than calling 911
• Incoming phone lines became jammed with parents seeking information
• Multi-agency response to the incident and coordination of police resources
• University administrators seeking up to the minute information
• Benefits of an on-staff PIO to begin coordination of information releases
• Social media posts were coming out before law enforcement releases
• University emergency operations group role and utilization
• Mobilizing counseling and support resources
• Contact with student leaders and attending community events/memorials
• Benefits of personal responses to parent inquiries
• Police officer debriefing and mental welfare

Discussion by Chief O’Connor regarding local relationships and task forces
• Membership in Chief of Police Associations
• Sponsoring joint training sessions
• Regular meetings with surrounding agencies
• Information exchange protocols
• Mutual aid agreements
• Investigative task forces

Review by Chief O’Connor regarding emerging issue- Brady disclosure policy
• Brady v. Maryland – exculpatory evidence
• Includes internal investigations- truthfulness and discipline
• Criminal prosecutions- falsification and perjury
• Disclosure to States Attorney
• Importance of thorough background check before hiring

9. POSTPONED: NARCAN Nasal Spray Program-from Jamelia Hand -Community Health Solutions IL
10. Avigilon Camera Systems- Lunch Sponsor
Presentation topics included:
• Software design and features
• Camera design and functionality
• Current and future video analytics
• Video search capabilities
• Video and access control coordination
• Working with security integrators

11. School Intelligence Officer- Mia Ray Langheim Updates from STIC
• Increase in social media threats and need to improve reporting
• Introduction to Geofeedia- location based analytics platform
• Reference fake LE social media accounts- do not allow add friends
• Caution on internet searches- be careful you do not get hacked
• STIC support- typically need criminal predicate, threat or suspicious activity
• Contact STIC for bomb threat investigative follow-up assistance

12. Legislative update- pending legislation that will impact college and universities. Pres. O’Connor
*ICLEA- Positions on Legislation for fall veto session.
*Discussion of actions on- HB4446, and future action on “Criminal arrest College Admissions Inquires”- next steps. Current lobbying efforts to get LE input.

13. Old Business: Open Discussion from the floor
No discussion

14. New Business – O’Connor. Discussion of Training needs/ discussion of Sexual Violence in Higher Education Act- and the required Sexual Assault Task Force required.
110 ILCS 155/ Preventing Sexual Violence in Higher Education Act
• Focus on higher education institution adopting written policies and procedures
• Review your responsibilities as a public safety or law enforcement agency
110 ILCS 12/10 Task Force
• Higher education campus-wide or regional task force participation
• Coordination to prevent sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking

15. Unfinished Business- Update on Web site- Montanari
Two local website developers being considered at this time.

16. Adjournment
Motion to adjourn- Scott Harris WIU / Second Brian Joschko BU

Contact Information- Avigilon Representative
Doug Smith
Regional Sales Manager- Northern Illinois
By: James Montanari 03/14/2017