I. Welcome and Introductions: Meeting called to order at 0915hrs on January 31, 2014

A. Meeting was held at Kankakee Community College in Kankakee, IL. President Von Young called the meeting to order. President Young led the meeting in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Other board members present:
Vice President: Jim Bondi
James Lyon: Treasurer
Mike Gohlke: Secretary

President Young thanked Chief Rich Soderquist of Kankakee Community College for hosting the winter meeting.

II. Secretary Report:
A. Secretary Gohlke asked that the summer 2013 meeting minutes be approved. Chief Chris Ballard of Millikin University accepted the motion and Director Aarron Cook Richland Community College seconded the motion. Motion passed. The summer 2013 minutes were approved.

III. Treasurer Report:
A. Chief Jim Lyon of Northeastern Illinois University submitted the report to the group. Organizational balance as of September 13, 2013 was $8,133.59 Total revenue as of September 13, 2013 was $693.55 the balance as of January 31, 2014 was $6,469.14 Jim put a motion on the floor to accept the treasury report. Chief Dennis Nolan of Oakton Community College accepted the motion and Chief Damarin of Southern Illinois University School of Medicine seconded the motion. The treasury report was approved.

B. Chief Lyon reminded the group that dues were up at this time. Next announcement will be made for dues in May 2014 which will be due in July 2014.

IV. President Report:
A. We were supposed to have 40 members present at the meeting but due to the inclement weather we only had 25 present. President Von Young of Parkland Community College announced he was stepping down as President of the Illinois College Law Enforcement Administrators. President Young asked the group in attendance, “Where do we go from here?” President Young stated that we have come a long way in the past years as an organization. President Young stated that ICLEA needs to continue to work closely with IACP, ILEAS, and IEMA. President Young stated the big issue still at hand was concealed carry and how that would affect college campuses. The law states no guns on campus, period! A person with a concealed carry permit must secure the weapon in the vehicle prior to entering a campus facility. A lot of states allowing concealed carry on college campuses. Colorado, Kansas, Mississippi, Oregon, Utah, and Wisconsin allow concealed carry on college campuses. President Young stated that concealed carry will remain a hot button issue in Illinois. President Young asked the group if we change our current position on concealed carry. At this time the group stated that we would not change our current position on this topic.

B. Chief Pat O’Connor of Moraine Valley Community College fielded questions from the group on concealed carry. Chris Ballard stated that eventually public transportation will be challenged and university public land would be challenged. Pat stated that we were talking with the NRA and that they have not argued a whole lot concerning concealed carry.

Jim Bondi of the Illinois Math and Science Academy asked if we should post signs in parking lots. Pat stated, yes. Pat cautioned the group not to add wording to the signage that the State of Illinois approved. Pat warned college and universities that a law suit could be filed if you are not putting signage up. Colleges and universities would be in violation of the state statue. The legislation is very clear on what the sign should look like. Chris Ballard asked if a campus has a historic building can you put the signage somewhere else besides the building itself. Pat stated yes, you can put up the signs at the entrance in the bushes, etc. as long as the signs are visible.

A question was raised if there were any changes had been made to the legislation concerning loading and unloading the concealed weapon. Pat stated no.

A question was raised about reporting students who may have an issue on campus concerning concealed carry. Pat stated this is a one size fits all reporting process when dealing with concealed carry. Pat urged the group to look at the statue. Reporting is an administrative issue. If someone says I am going to hurt myself with a gun that is a report. If they say, I’m going to hurt someone else with a gun, that is a report. There will be a hearing with the report. This does not prohibit a student from being a student, an employee from being an employee, or them using the college or university facility. Records need to be held in a secure private area. Pat also stated to articulate in the report what words were said, this will be very important.

A question was asked concerning a hard deadline on signage. Pat stated that the second week of March you should start seeing the first concealed carry permits. It was also discussed that a local police department can challenge someone’s application for a concealed carry permit.

C. The group watched the video, “Run Hide Fight.”

The group also talked about using Alice Training. Training should be tailored to your institution’s needs. It was discussed that administration should get on board with training.

V. Vice President Report:
A. Jim Bondi introduced Susan Drone of the Illinois Community College Board. Susan replaces Pam Timmons. Jim discussed that ITTF’s budget will be increased slightly for next year.

B. Jim brought up the 25 million dollar grant that has been discussed in the past. It has now been resurrected. IEMA will manage the grant. Of the 25 million, 5 million goes to higher education. 15 million to k thru 12 in Illinois, 5 million to Cook County k thru 12. The grant is only for public institutions. No private institutions are eligible. This grant will require big hoops to jump through. It is very focused on what the money can be used for.

C. ICLEA is now a voting member of ITTF. There has been talk on creating a school task force and establishing proper protocols for learning institutions.

D. Jim asked the group about doing training in 2014 for the organization. CLERY training was discussed. The organization decided to table the discussion until VAWA requirements come out. Chief Eassa of Elgin Community College stated that the organization is big enough now that we should look at doing a 2 day training seminar like IEMA and ILEAS.

VI. FBI Update:

VII. Discussion topics for Membership:
A. The group discussed medical marijuana. Lieutenant Trame of University of Illinois stated that if a student has a prescription for an opiate medicine you have to allow them to have it. The current medical marijuana legislation does reference medical marijuana on campus. Pat O’Connor stated there will be a push in the future to legalize marijuana. The group discussed that if you have medical marijuana your FOID card is revoked.

B. Jim Bondi asked the group about forming a committee to re do the organization by laws. Director Dale Newsome of Olivet Nazarene University, Chief Jim Montanari of Lewis University, and Mike Gohlke of Judson University volunteered to assist Jim.

C. The group discussed VAWA requirements and CLERY. The group also discussed current procedures in handling order of protections on campus.

D. The group thanked Mike O’Herron of Ray O’Herron Company for sponsoring the meeting. Ray O’Herron has moved the suburban Chicago store to Downers Grove, IL. The store is East on 75th street from I-355.

VIII. Old Business: None

IX. New Business:
A. President Young opened the floor for nominations for the position of President and Treasurer. Dale Newsome nominated Jim Bondi for President. Jim respectfully declined the nomination. Emmad Eassa nominated Pat O’Connor for President. Chris Ballard seconded the nomination.

B. President Young then asked the group for a nomination for Treasurer. Emmad Eassa nominated Chief Tom Roman of Waubonsee Community College. Pat O’Connor seconded the nomination.

C. Secretary Gohlke cast one unanimous vote for President, electing Pat O’Connor and then cast one unanimous vote for Treasurer, electing Tom Roman.

D. President Young preformed his last official act as President of ICLEA and swore in the new board.

X. Unfinished Business: None

XI. Adjournment:
A. Von Young asked the group to close the meeting. Pat O’Connor placed a motion on the floor. Chris Ballard seconded the motion. The meeting was closed at 1247 hrs. The next meeting will be held at Millikin University in Decatur, IL. Date will be forth coming.