I. Welcome and Introductions: Meeting called to order at 0920hrs on April 4, 2014
A. Meeting was held at Milliken University Decatur, IL. Vice President Jim Bondi called the meeting to order. Secretary Mike Gohlke led the meeting in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Other board members present:
Vice President: Jim Bondi
James Lyon: Treasurer
Mike Gohlke: Secretary

Vice President Bondi thanked Chief Chris Ballard of Milliken University for hosting the spring meeting. Jim Hendricks of Digital Ally was also thanked for sponsoring the meeting. President Pat O’Connor was unable to attend the meeting.

II. Secretary Report:
A. Secretary Gohlke asked that the winter 2014 meeting minutes be approved. Director Dale Newsome of Olivet Nazarene University accepted the motion and Chief Joe Drought of Rock Valley Community College seconded the motion. Motion passed. The winter 2014 minutes were approved.

B. Secretary Gohlke asked the group if everyone was getting the email list serve. Secretary Gohlke asked the group to make sure that secretary@iclea.org does not go into spam.

III. Treasurer Report:
A. Chief Jim Lyon of Northeastern Illinois University submitted the report to the group. Organizational balance as of January 31, 2014 was $6,469.14 Total revenue as of April 4, 2014 was $546.80 the balance as of April 4, 2014 was $5,890.54 Jim put a motion on the floor to accept the treasury report. Director Keith Gehrand of Heartland Community College accepted the motion and Director Chuck Adam of Illinois Wesleyan University seconded the motion. The treasury report was approved.

B. Jim announced to the group that this was his last official Treasury Report. Chris Ballard had been appointed by President O’Conner to fill the Treasurer vacancy.

IV. Vice President Report:
A. Jim Bondi reminded the group that retired Chief Dennis Nolan of Oakton Community College had recently passed away. Jim placed a motion on the floor to give $100.00 donation in Dennis’s name to Catholic Charities. Joe Drought accepted the motion and Director Aarron Cook of Richland Community College seconded the motion. The motion passed.

B. Jim placed a motion on the floor for another donation of $100.00 to the American Cancer Society in the name of Pat O’Connor’s mother, Theresa who recently had passed away. Director Jeff Kedrowski of Elmhurst College accepted the motion. Susan Drone of the Illinois Community College Board seconded the motion. The motion passed.

C. Jim gave the ITTF report at this time. Don Kauerauf told the last ITTF meeting that the 25 million grant was now closed. There were 606 applications from k thru 12 for the grant. Of all the institutions that submitted an application 54.3 million dollars was being asked for. Of the 5 million dollars allocated to higher education it is unknown how much of that 54.3 million dollars was from higher education. Results of the grant should be available in about 6 weeks. The main thing that is being looked for is collaboration between schools and agencies. Jim commented on First Net. This is a data link that the State has been working on for years. Jim stated they hope it is better than Starcom.

V. FBI Update: No information to report
VI. President Report: Report given by Jim Bondi.
A. Jim brought the group up to date on concealed carry. There was no new news to report. There are a few bills out there to make concealed carry more restrictive. Signs need to be up on campus. Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board is developing training on how to approach a car with the new concealed carry law. Chief Mark Green from Southwestern Illinois College informed the group that St. Clair County will enforce the new law to the letter of the law. Mark stated there is a video out from the Police Training Institute on doing a traffic stop with the new concealed carry law in mind. Lieutenant Steve Trame from University of Illinois stated that when you run a license plate the concealed carry should pop up on LEADS. Police must ask to see the permit and where the gun is at. Steve stated that PTI is developing further training on the new concealed carry law.

B. Medical marijuana was discussed next. There continues to be a lot of discussion on medical marijuana and the what ifs involved with the new law. Mark Green stated if you have a zero tolerance policy employees can’t use medical marijuana. Chris Ballard stated that Milliken University amended their no smoking policy to include marijuana. Jim Bondi asked the group if any doctors were popping up near campuses. The group reported no activity. Jeff Kedrowski asked the group what does an institution do if someone does have to use medical marijuana where are they to do it. Do we make up a place to medicate? The group discussed this issue and will continue this topic at the next meeting. Susan Drone brought up the fact that the Illinois House just passed a bill banning smoking at state institutions. The bill is now onto the Senate for a vote.

C. Jim informed the group that the by-law committee has been working hard on re- vamping the by-laws. The committee is hopeful to have more information for the group at the next meeting.

D. Jim read an email from Pat O’Connor asking ICLEA to look at endorsing Chief Fengel of Bartonville Police Department for his bid in running for the Illinois Association of Chiefs Police Executive Board. Chief Fengel would be the only executive board member south of I-80. Jim stated in the past we have stayed away from endorsing candidates however, our organization is becoming more vocal and known in Illinois so this may be the time to consider endorsing candidates. Emergency Management Director John Wu from Waubonsee Community College asked what happens if we endorse the wrong candidate. John stated we have come a long way but this could be a double edge sword for the organization. Joe Drought stated endorsing candidates for office can be very tricky. Chris Ballard stated that Brian Fengel is the only candidate to reach out to us. Dale Newsome put a motion on the floor saying ICLEA will not endorse candidates. Joe Drought seconded the motion. The motion was then placed into discussion by Mike Gohlke. Chris Ballard urged no action be taken until the by-laws have been re written. Mike Gohlke asked the organization to wait until Pat O’Connor can address ICLEA. Joe Drought at this time to amended the motion to continue past practices at this time. Chief Shawn Cisna of Black Hawk College seconded the motion. The motion was placed into discussion by Mike Gohlke. Dale Newsome put a motion on the floor to table is first motion the ICLEA will not endorse candidates. Joe Drought withdrew is amendment based on Dale Newsome’s motion. Chris Ballard seconded Dale’s motion. Motion passed. Susan Drone stated it should be a concern that there will be no leadership on the ILACP executive board south of I-80.

E. Jim Bondi addressed the group on pending legislation/bills that Pat O’Connor wanted the organization to look at.

1. Eavesdropping Exemption for Police Officer Worn Video/Audio Recordings, HB 2446, (Rep. Chad Hays) ILACP Supports. Joe Drought stated that the Illinois Supreme Court recently ruled that the current eavesdropping law was unconstitutional. The majority of the group by a show of hands supported this bill.

2. Quota-Unfair Labor Practice SB3411, (Sen. Manar) ILACP Opposes. The majority of the group by a show of hands was neutral on this bill.

3. No Arrest School Grounds SB3004, (Sen. Lightford) ILACP Opposes. The majority of the group by a show of hands opposed this bill.

4. HB4376, allows a person to transport a long gun in the car with them in an unbroken down state. ILACP Opposes. The majority of the group by a show of hands opposed this bill.

5. HB3762, allows 18yr old to apply for FOID cards without parental consent. ILCAP Opposes. By a show of hands 4 supported this bill, 1 opposed this bill, and 21 remained neutral.

6. HB5688 (Burke) Provides funding for bulletproof vests. ILACP Supports. The majority of the group by a show of hands supported this bill.

7. HB5441 (Nekritz) Provides, IEMA, ILEAS, MABAS with replacement funding going into the future from the license plate fees. ILACP Supports. By a show of hands 2 were neutral and 24 supported the bill.

F. Jim Bondi brought up that ICLEA would be forming committee’s once the by-laws were re-vamped. As the organization has grown we have gotten involved in more activities. The executive board would like to form committee’s to get the membership more involved.

G. Jim Bondi brought up the Ready Safe Campus Project. Jim stated he has been hearing a lot of concerns about the project. Keith Gehrand stated he was one of the pilot institutions. Keith stated as he went along with the project IEMA made the project more and more extensive. Keith stated they made the deadline. Keith stated the timeline was unrealistic. For an institute like University of Illinois that has resources it is easier to meet the expectations of the Ready Safe Campus Project. Keith stated that IEMA kept changing the goals. Aarron Cook stated that Richland Community College met the initial requirements and then IEMA added all these tabs. Aarron stated it was like fitting a square peg into a round hole. It was mentioned of the 9 pilot schools only 3 submitted plans to the Ready Safe Campus Project. Jim stated the original concept was good. Keith asked what kind of support is the state willing to give to institutions to meet their expectations. Jim stated the original committee that helped put together the Ready Safe Project was committed to the overall goal of keeping our campuses safe and making the Ready Safe Campus Project achievable by all. Keith stated let’s do that and not politicize this endeavor. Mike Gohlke stated that the original committee should talk with Pat O’Connor and draft a letter to IEMA expressing our concerns. Keith and Aarron would be a part of this discussion as well.

VII. Vendor Presentation and lunch by Digital Ally
VIII. Old Business: No old business to discuss.
IX. New Business
A. Steve Trame brought up a distributing issue in regards to State University Retirement System (SURS). 2 officers from University of Illinois have been injured on duty. Their injuries will force them to leave the profession. The officers will not get 65% disability pay like a regular police officer. If the officers file workers comp SURS payments. Mike Gohlke asked Steve to send him an email will all the details so that he can give it to Pat O’Connor. Steve stated that the executive board of ICLEA needs to speak with SURS about this issue. Steve put a motion on the floor to have Pat O’Connor send a letter from ICLEA to SURS about this issue. Joe Drought seconded the motion. Motion passed. Joe stated there is a large discrepancy between college law enforcement and municipal/county police officers when it comes to arbitration. There are in general a lot of discrepancies between college law enforcement and local law enforcement.
X. Adjournment
A. Jim Bondi asked the group who would be willing to host the next meeting sometime in the fall of 2014. Heartland Community College, Rock Valley Community College, and Southwestern Illinois College all expressed an interest to host the next meeting. Jim Bondi asked for a motion to close the meeting. Joe Drought placed the motion on the floor and Chief Aaron Woodruff second the motion. Motion was passed and the meeting was closed at 1245hrs.