I. Welcome and Introductions: Meeting called to order at 1039hrs on October 17, 2014
A. Meeting was held at Heartland Community College in Normal, IL. President Pat O’Connor called the meeting to order. President O’Connor led the meeting in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Other board members present:
Vice President: Jim Bondi
Chris Ballard: Treasurer
Mike Gohlke: Secretary

President O’Connor thanked Keith Gehrand and James Hubbard of Heartland Community College for hosting the fall meeting.

President O’Connor introduced the newly elected board members of ICLEA.

II. Secretary Report:
A. Secretary Gohlke asked that the spring 2014 meeting minutes be approved. Chief Pat O’Connor of Moraine Valley Community College accepted the motion and Chief Joe Drought of Rock Valley Community College seconded the motion. Motion passed. The spring 2014 minutes were approved.

III. Treasurer Report:
A. Chief Chris Ballard of Millikin University submitted the treasury report to the group. Organizational balance as of October 15, 2014 was $5169.35 Total revenue as of October 15, 2014 was $114.50 the balance as of January 31, 2014 was $6,469.14 Chris put a motion on the floor to accept the treasury report. Director Chuck Adam of Illinois Wesleyan University accepted the motion and Chief Emad Eassa of Elgin Community College seconded the motion. The treasury report was approved. Chris shared with the organization that he got approval from the board to do an audit of the organizations financial and non for profit status with the State of Illinois and IRS. The firm McGuire, Yuhas, Huffman & Buckley, P.C. of Decatur, IL was hired to assist in the audit. Chris reported that he was working on getting ICLEA compliant and back in good standings in regards to our non for profit status.

IV. President Report:
A. President O’Connor asked the organization who had filled a clear and present danger report with the state. Chief James Lyon reported that Northeastern University had filled out a report. President O’Connor reported that Moraine Valley Community College had reported 6 incidents. President O’Connor stated to make sure to fill forms out if you are the main reporting agency. The forms will flag the persons account if they file for a FOID card. This is not a FERPA violation. President O’Connor stated the forms were located online. He urged the organizations members to have a policy in place. The forms are protected records. One must file a subpoena or get a court order to review the forms. President O’Connor stated you need to have a discussion with your institution to determine who will file these forms. Make sure to protect yourself and the institution. These forms only flag the subject reference a FOID card. President O’Connor urged the organization to make sure to articulate in the report what the person was saying to make it a clear and present danger filing. If they were expressing that they were going to hurt themselves or someone else it must go in the report. Joe Drought asked if there was a way to file a form on someone prior to the law coming into effect. President O’Connor stated no. Susan Drone of the Illinois Community College Board informed the organization that people call the ICCB screaming and yelling about something that has happened to the caller at a community college. They have had incidents where people have threatened to come to their offices. President O’Connor stated that if a person acts out violently the police must act. President O’Connor stated if you were not a sworn department that the institution needs to call the local authority.

B. President O’Connor informed the organization that the Illinois Chiefs of Police are urging departments to talk to personnel about police suicide. This is a serious issue that is happening across the country.

C. President O’Connor brought the campus smoking ban up for discussion. President O’Connor stated that you should have a team in place to deal with education and staff education. December 2014 is the go date on the new law and July 1, 2015 it becomes enforceable. One can go to, “Smoke Free Illinois” for further information. You could make it a student service issue. Some institutions are going to write tickets. You can smoke in your car. Chief LaTour from John Wood Community College informed the organization that you can smoke in your private vehicle driving through campus. President O’Connor stated that right now this law was only effecting state institutions but informed private institutions that soon enough it will affect them as well. Director John Wu of Waubonsee Community College stated that electronic cigarettes were included as well.

D. President O’Connor brought up the new concealed carry law. Were there any institutions having any issues. No institution reported any concerns. Signage should be in place.

V. Vice President Report:
A. Vice President Bondi reported that ITTF has changed its by-laws. Voting members must go through training. Voting members representing ICLEA are Joe Drought, Chris Ballard, and Jim Bondi.

B. Vice President Bondi informed the organization that there would be behavioral threat training in November and there would be room for 600 to sign up. There would be four different tracks.

C. Vice President Bondi informed the organization that ITTF and Argonne National Labs were working on an online portal to share information real time during an incident.

D. Vice President Bondi informed the organization that the PPE that was handed out by ILEAS about 10 years ago has now reached its life expectancy. ILEAS stated that the equipment was too expensive for them to replace. It would be up to the individual department to replace the PPE.
E. Vice President Bondi brought up StarCom 21. Were there any institution that did not get the radio re-banded? No institutions responded. Some institutions are using the radios. Others were doing a monthly test. President O’Connor stated that there is a tracking program on the radios. The state knows when it is on. President O’Connor urged the organization to turn the radios on and burn time. Of the 7,000 radios that were handed out maybe only 1,000 being used. Make sure your talk groups are up to date.

F. STIC presentation on School Safety Information Sharing program.

VI. FBI update date: No Report
VII. Illinois State Police Intelligence Update:
VIII. Discussion topics for membership:
A. Vice President Bondi informed the organization that the by-laws for ICLEA had been updated. He thanked the committee for the work they did to update the by-laws. The organization had been sent a copy of the new by-laws for review. Vice President Bondi put a motion on the floor to accept the new by-laws. Joe Drought accepted the motion Chuck Adam seconded the motion. Motion passed. The by-laws were approved.

B. President O’Connor stated that the updated VAWA rules will be posted on October 20, 2014. Training would be coming in regards to VAWA. There would be further training after the first of the year.

C. President O’Connor discussed the pension issues facing Illinois. At this time there was no movement with the November election approaching. President O’Connor informed the organization that changes will be coming.

D. President O’Connor thanked the organization for their support when his mother passed away.

E. President O’Connor put on the floor the discussion of endorsing candidates as an organization. Chief Paul Cell from Montclair State University was looking for endorsement from ICLEA to the International Chiefs of Police. President O’Connor stated it was time to stand up and say something. If we do not speak as an organization we are not at the table. A perfect example of not speaking is the railroad organization. John Wu stated he felt the person seeking our endorsement should be present at a meeting saying who they are. President O’Connor said we are an organization that represents wide interests. Joe Drought stated he would like to see more conversation in the future on endorsing candidates. President O’Connor stated during his term as President he was going to push the membership to get involved. He is going to push the membership so their voices will be heard. Vice President Bondi and Secretary Gohlke stated they remembered a time when ICLEA was not even acknowledged. That has changed now. People know that ICLEA is here. Vice President Bondi asked for volunteers for a committee to form a process of endorsing candidates. People were asked to e-mail Jim directly.

F. President O’Connor stated that the ICLEA website needed to be overhauled. Secretary Gohlke has been having issues with the current format of the website. The board thought it was a good idea to begin looking at spending the money to update the website. Secretary Gohlke will inform the organization on how much it would cost to make the website a functional website for the membership. Discussion tabled until next meeting.

IX. Old Business: No old business to discuss.
X. New Business:
A. The Ebola concern was discussed. Make sure you have PPE and blood borne pathogen training. Make sure nursing students and EMS students are getting the necessary training. Rotate your gloves every 60 days. They do break down.

B. Treasurer Chris Ballard put a motion on the floor to ask the organization if he could send out the due notice now. Chief Rich Soderquist from Kankakee Community College accepted the motion. Joe Drought seconded the motion. Motion passed.

C. Organization was asked to keep Aarron Cook in their prayers.

XI. Meeting Adjournment:
A. President O’Connor placed a motion on the floor to close the fall 2014 meeting. Joe Drought accepted the motion and Emad Eassa seconded the motion. Motion passed and the meeting adjourned at 1326hrs.