I. Welcome and Introduction: Meeting called to order at 0914hrs on January 18, 2013.
A. Meeting was held at the Illinois Fire Service Institute located on the campus of the University of Illinois Champaign, IL. President Von Young called the meeting to order. President Young lead the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. President Young thanked Chief Jeff Christiansen of the University of Illinois for hosting the meeting. President Young welcomed Mark Beckwith who is now with Augustana College.

Other board members present:

Jim Bondi: Vice President
Mike Gohlke: Secretary

II. Secretary Report:
A. Secretary Gohlke asked that the fall 2012 meeting minutes be approved. Chief Pat O’Connor of Moraine Valley Community College accepted the motion and Chief Gina Hayes of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville seconded the motion. Motion passed. The fall 2012 minutes were approved.

B. Secretary Gohlke asked present members to check to make sure they were getting e-mails being sent out. President Young stated at this time the growing concern of non-paying members still on the list serve. As of January 18, 2013 only 48 of the 90 members on the list serve were current on their dues. Members have until February 28, 2013 to pay their dues. If they do not pay they will be removed from the list serve.

III. Treasury Report:
A. Treasurer Lyon will be absent until April. He is attending the FBI National Academy. In his absence Vice President Jim Bondi will oversee the duties of treasurer. Secretary Gohlke read the treasury report. On November 2, 2012 the organization had a balance of $4,497.78 on January 10, 2013 the organization had an ending balance of $3,626.91 Secretary Gohlke asked for a motion to approve the treasury report. Chief Pete Comanda of Joliet Junior College accepted the motion and Director Aarron Cook of Richland Community College seconded the motion. Motion passed. The treasury report was approved. It should be noted that the organization has spent more than it has brought in. Dues must be paid for the organization to run effectively. As stated in the secretary report, members who have not paid have until February 28, 2013 to get current on their dues. Dues can be paid online or sent to Vice President Bondi in Treasurer Lyon absence.

IV. President Report:
A. President Young reiterated the need to make due payments. ICLEA makes a financial donation each year to the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police for their assistance in supporting ICLEA legislation efforts. There are several pending legislations that will have impact on Illinois campuses. If you have been watching the IACLEA list serve there has been a big debate about IACLEA stance on gun control. Many members of IACLEA feel that the organization should not have made any comments on gun control without speaking to their members first. A few years ago concealed carry in Illinois was a big issue to ICLEA. It is now again. In our past meeting ICLEA was not opposed to conceal carry but opposed to it on campuses. Pat O’Connor stated that the current legislation is supported by the Illinois Chiefs a year and a half ago. The Illinois Chiefs are waiting to see what will be put on the table. Pat stated that college presidents don’t want anything on campus. College presidents are concerned about common ways. The current NRA bill sponsor supports concealed carry in any dorm or college structure. The NRA bill sponsor may consider a campus ban. Pat stated without a doubt concealed carry is coming. The issue is keeping them out of the buildings, parking lots, and stadiums. Pat stated that private schools would not have the option of being gun free zones. At this time President Young asked if anyone had questions.

Director Chris Ballard of Millikin University asked if the recent appeal filing by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan would put a hold on the bill. President Young and Pat O’Connor stated no. The Illinois legislator has 180 days to pass a concealed carry law. If no law is passed anyone with a valid FOID card can carry concealed.

Chief Pete Comanda asked if this would affect off duty law enforcement to carry on campus. Pat O’Connor stated there were no restrictions. Chief Comanda followed up asking if the legislation would affect retired police officers in general. Pat O’Connor stated no.

Discussion was raised about what the Chief of Police in Washington, IL has proposed. Chief Kuchenbecker has proposed arming school administrators and sending them through the 40 hour gun class. Chief Kuchenbecker would then make school administrators auxiliary police officers with the Washington Police Department. It should be noted that auxiliary police officers cannot work independently without supervision.

Chief Todd Sigler asked if the board of ICLEA was looking for direction from the organization on this topic. Chief Sigler further stated do we need to make a change in our past statement from the organization. President Young stated we should wait alongside IACP and see what comes out. Pat O’Connor stated we should align ourselves with the presidents. President Young proposed a new letter be sent out making it clear we as an organization align ourselves with the presidents. The group agreed to this. The letter would be sent to Governor Quinn and the following would be Cc’d; Speaker Michael Madigan, Senate President John Cullerton, and Interim President of IACP Robert Porter.

Aarron Cook asked if private security would hold more liability if they were not armed. Pat O’Connor stated no. The United States Supreme Court has ruled that no one can be granted 100% protection.

V. FBI Report and Presentation:

A. David L. Holler Director of Business Development, Camplus Data Innovations, Inc. presented on parking enforcement technology.

VI. IACP legislation update:
A. Pat O’Connor stated back in 2004 the IACP Legislation Committee sent out a survey on the assault weapons ban. Another survey has been sent out. This survey is due back on January 25, 2013. Pat stated there are several different legislations out there currently on the assault weapons ban. There is nothing out there restricting retired law enforcement. Illinois State Representative Edward Acevedo has a bill out there that would limit magazine sizes. Currently officers would be illegal. IACP wants law enforcement exempt. Pat stated IACP will host its legislation reception on March 16, 2013 at the Sangamon County Club.

The state legislators are really looking at state pensions. There is no agreement right now between Speaker Madigan and Governor Quinn. They have exempted judge’s pension from this legislation.

There is no current movement on medical marijuana. This will be a major issue. More information will be forth coming.

Illegal drivers licenses are coming. (Signed into law on January 27, 2013) Pat stated we won some things and lost other things on this legislation. We did win that illegal aliens must be finger printed to obtain a license. The Secretary of State wants nothing to do with it. Governor Quinn does not want the Illinois State Police to do it. IACP is working on the issue. It is unknown where the finger print cards will go once completed.

Again March 16, 2016 is the legislation reception at the Sangamon Club in Springfield, IL.

VII. Vice President Report:
A. Vice President Bondi reported that ITTF is hunkering down and is in maintenance mode. There is nothing to report at this time. Next meeting is January 23, 2013 and Vice President Bondi will attend. Vice President Bondi will also attend Governor Quinn Task Force meeting on school violence. This meeting is geared toward K thru 12.

VIII. Police Training Institute Presentation:
A. Director Schlosser presented a power point presentation on the positive changes at PTI. Director Schlosser has made changes to the management team and teaching style at PTI. Director Schlosser has improved training now up to 580 hours.
The academy is now high tech. Each recruit gets a laptop during their stay at the academy and all class materials are on the laptop. Director Schlosser stressed that PTI prides themselves on scenario based training. In the wake of Sandy Hook PTI will be increasing rapid response training.

IX. Crowd Control Committee Update:
A. Todd Sigler reported that the committee’s objective was to establish protocol and response for public and private institutions. Todd reported that they have established 5 areas to work on:

1. There are currently no standards in place. The committee is working on establishing standards.
2. Use of force.
3. Professional response.
4. Intra agency response.
5. University planning.

Todd stated eventually the committee wants buy in from higher education. The committee will send out report to the organization for comments.

X. Campus Ready Initiative:
A. Joan Carnduff has taken over for Gretchen. Joan has been working with Ron and Sandy Ellis and the other committee members. The other committee members are listed below:

Von Young
Jim Bondi
Mike Gohlke
Chris Ballard

The committee met on December 21, 2012 and established the outline and objectives of the Campus Ready Initiative. The Goal is to get campuses compliant and the best practices to get compliant. Joan stated the committee is looking for pilot program institutes. Millikin University, Augustana College, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, and Richland Community College have volunteered. The committee will work these institutions to reach the goal. Joan stated The Campus Ready Initiative will be an excellent marketing tool for the institution.

XI. Old Business:
A. Director Jeff Kedrowski of Elmhurst College brought up the continuing concern of non-sworn departments not having access to LEADS or intelligence information. President Young stated that the State Police were not willing to budge on access to LEADS. Chief Jim Montanari of Lewis University stated there were a lot of federal laws restricting intelligence handling. This discussion was tabled and will be brought up again at our summer meeting/conference.

XII. New Business:
A. The summer meeting will be held June 2013 at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Discussion has been raised to make this a 1 or 2 day meeting. The organization would block off hotel rooms and block off tickets to a Cardinal v. Cubs game. The Cardinals and Cubs play in St. Louis June 17, 18, 19, and 20th. The group discussed bringing in speakers to talk on various topics. The board will begin working on this project. It is up to the members of the organization to get the word out and to attend to make this event a success.

XIII. Meeting Adjourned:
A. Motion was put on the floor at 1310hrs to close the meeting by President Young. Pete Comanda accepted the motion and Gina Hayes seconded the motion. Motion passed and the meeting was adjourned.