I. Welcome and Introductions: Meeting called to order at 0911hrs on September 13, 2013
A. Meeting was held at Moraine Community College in Palos Heights, IL. Vice President Jim Bondi called the meeting to order. Vice President Bondi led the meeting in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Other board members present:
James Lyon: Treasurer
Mike Gohlke: Secretary

Vice President Bondi thanked Chief Pat O’Connor of Moraine Valley Community College for hosting the summer meeting.

II. Secretary Report:
A. Secretary Gohlke asked that the winter 2013 meeting minutes be approved. Deputy Chief John Hansen of Triton Community College accepted the motion and Chief Pat O’Connor of Moraine Valley Community College seconded the motion. Motion passed. The winter 2013 minutes were approved.

B. Secretary Gohlke asked the group if they were getting e-mails from secretary@iclea.org without any problems. There were no complaints. Secretary Gohlke stated there would be other changes coming to the website in the near future. Secretary Gohlke informed the group that President Young was home recovering from his recent medical issue. Secretary Gohlke thanked the group for sending President Young well wishes. Once President Young is strong enough he will return to the organization.

III. Treasurer Report:
A. Chief Jim Lyon of Northeastern Illinois University submitted the report to the group. Jim thanked the group for using pay pal on the website. Organizational balance as of January 10, 2013 was $3,626.91 Total revenue as of September 13, 2013 was $5,796.95 the balance as of September 13, 2013 was $8, 133.59 Jim put a motion on the floor to accept the treasury report. Chief Pat O’Connor accepted the motion and John Wu of Wabaunsee Community College seconded the motion. The treasury report was approved.

IV. President Report: No report
V. Vice President Report:
A. Jim Bondi thanked the group for sending their well wishes to Von Young. Jim stated there was no vendor participation for this meeting. If the group knew a vendor that would be interested in coming to our next meeting please let Jim know. Jim stated the organization has come a long way. Jim urged members of the organization to get involved in actives with the organization. Jim commented on the treasury report. Jim stated we do not want to lose our non for profit status. If the organization would like certain training please contact Secretary Gohlke.

Jim stated for the past 20 years he has bugged the State Police about sharing certain intelligence with non-sworn departments. The STIC Center has developed a school Intel sharing program. There will be no law enforcement sensitive information shared, however the information is very informative. Jim further stated the program is very user friendly.

B. Ready Campus Program: This program is similar to Storm Ready Program for municipalities. It is similar to a mini accreditation program that concerns emergency preparedness. Jim stated that the committee is trying to keep it simple. Jim stated we want to see more campuses to comply with the Illinois Campus Security Enhancement Act. Deadline for submission by the pilot schools for the Ready Campus Program is November 1, 2013. IEMA will begin meeting with the pilot schools between November 1, 2013 and January 1, 2014 to give feedback and suggestions. The Ready Campus Program will be rolled out statewide come January 1, 2014. Jim stated some institutions still show lack of compliance and are willing to gambling with the consequences. There has been some grumbling coming out of Springfield about changing the legislation wording from shall to will.

C. Starcom 21 re-banding is currently taking place. Pre-registration is required to get this done. If you have talk groups on the radios you will have to put them back on yourself. If you have radios you no longer want or need and you got them from the state they need to be returned to ILEAS. ILEAS will then make determination where they will go from there. If you bought your own Starcom 21 radios you are free to do with them what you want.

D. Jim gave a report on ITTF. Jim stated the budget cuts were significant. Pat O’Connor gave additional information on ILEAS at this time. ILEAS is struggling to maintain. They are concerned about next fiscal year. There is some training that ILEAS offers that non-sworn officers can attend. Pat further stated that he has been in discussion with Mike Gohlke about developing an ILCEA 20 hour non-sworn training officer program. The program will be a train the trainer format. ICLEA will build the curriculum and submit it to the training board.

VI. Special Report: Pat O’Connor
A. Pat stressed to the group how important it is to join IACP and be a part of the organization. Pat is the past president of IACP. It is true that universities and colleges have different concerns than traditional law enforcement. Our voices are being heard but we need to be more involved. There have only been 2 university chiefs who were presidents of IACP. The opportunity is there. ICLEA needs to continue to step forward.

B. Pat informed the group of how important the PAC (Political Action Committee) of IACP is. They take our concerns forward in Springfield. Currently, e-insurance card has been a very big topic. They are coming. IACP is concerned about officer safety and liability concerning damage to the cell phone. Officers cannot look at anything else on the phone. The bill to approve e-insurance cards went into effect on 23, August 2013. We as an organization need to be aware of this and educate our officers on it.

C. At this time Pat conducted an overview of the concealed carry law. (See attached handouts.) This law has been very difficult to mesh on a college campus. These issues can bite us. Campuses are protected areas. If you are not law enforcement, military training, or security officer at the time of their employment you cannot be armed on campuses. Currently, all building entrances must be posted. That request is insane. Pat is currently working with JCAR to only have signs posted at the main entrances of each building. A template will be designed by the state for the signs. The sign must be clearly posted. This is not a weapons ban but a conceal carry ban. If the university or college wishes they can designate a parking lot for those that have concealed carry permits. ICLEA does not recommend this. The law states they can exit the vehicle long enough to secure the weapon. I.e. the trunk of the car.

Pat stressed to the group that if there is an issue with a student that has a concealed carry permit it is not a FERPA issue. The State Police will decide if they can carry a weapon. ISP stated they would put a form together so campus police and campus security can notify them if a student has an issue or has been committed for suicide evaluation. This form is not part of the education record.

The issue was brought up about contractors coming onto campuses to conduct business. Pat urged the group to put riders on contracts for outside venders reference concealed carry. There is also the issue that people will show up on campus on motorcycles or who are dropped off by another person. They will not have storage. It was discussed about providing some kind of short term storage for cases like this.

Pat brought to the group the amendment to the concealed carry act introduced by Rep Deborah Conroy (D) of Villa Park. “Amends the Firearm Concealed Carry Act. Provides that a licensee who knowingly carries a firearm on or into a building, real property, or parking area under control of a public or private pre-school, elementary or secondary school, college, or university is guilty of a Class 4 felony for a first offense and a Class 3 felony for a second or subsequent offense.” The group was not overly opposed to this amendment but felt it needed to be re worded. Deputy Chief Gloria Graham of the University of Chicago Police Department brought up the point of having criminal intent. She stated we will have situations where someone will have forgotten they have their weapon on them and they had no criminal intent.

D. Medical marijuana was discussed next. (See attached hand out.) A user of medical marijuana can have 2.5 ounces on them or less. That is enough for 18 joints a week. The medical marijuana card has not been designed yet. A care giver is not subject to arrest. You can be a, “Drug free campus.”

E. The last topic of discussion brought up by Jim Bondi and Pat O’Connor was ICLEA’s annual monetary contribution to the IACP PAC Committee. In the past ICLEA has given $500.00 With the current legal challenges in Illinois a motion was placed on the floor by Jim Bondi to increase our contribution to $1000.00 John Hansen accepted the motion and Chris Ballard seconded the motion. The motion passed. A contribution of $1000.00 will be sent to the PAC Committee on behalf of ICLEA.

VII. Meeting adjournment.

A. Secretary Gohlke asked for a motion to close the meeting. Deputy Chief John Hansen of accepted the motion. Chief Chris Ballard of Millikan University Police Department seconded the motion. Motion passed and the meeting was closed at 12:20 p.m.

B. The next meeting will be held at Kankakee Community College in January/February 2014.