I. Welcome and Introduction: Meeting called to order at 1005hrs on January 6, 2012
A. Meeting was held at Kankakee Community College in Kankakee, IL. President Von Young called the meeting to order. President Young led the meeting in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Other board members present:
Jim Bondi: Vice President
Mike Gohlke: Secretary

President Young thanked Rich Soderquist and Eric Springer for hosting the meeting at Kankakee Community College.

II. Presidents Report:
A. President Young had a meeting with the United States Attorney’s Office concerning the statistics of police officers killed in the line of duty. 70% of casualties are traffic related. In 2012 there will be a big push for officers to wear their seat belts and how people should respond to officers when they are stopped for traffic violations. The Illinois law states that police officers do not have to wear their seat belts while on duty. It is a department policy at this time to make officers wear their seatbelts.

President Young had met with The Illinois State Police and the FBI reference non-sworn security officers access to LEADS. The FBI had no problem with this and was agreement that non-sworn officers were at risk when dealing with the public. The Illinois State Police disagreed and will not budge on their stance granting access to LEADS for non-sworn security officers. The State Police was sympathetic to the issue. President Young asked the group for any ideas on this issue. Vice President Jim Bondi stated that this has been brought up in the past with the same results. The discussion was tabled and will be evaluated again by President Young.

B. Special Report:

Chief Patrick O’Connor of Moraine Valley Community College presented the new amendment to the sex offender registration law concerning college campuses. In the past colleges and universities were getting information concerning sex offenders on campus from local municipalities. The institution would then have to check to see if the offender was in fact registered at the institution. Affective January 1, 2012 a sex offender who is attending an institution of higher education must also register with the campus police department or security department. Chief O’Connor passed along the following information:

• Do not make your own website or posters.
• If you do not have full LEADS access fill out the form that was sent to the organization earlier and send that off to the State.
• Registered sex offenders need to notify the institution each semester of their status while a student.
• Departments should have a public book of sex offenders on campus. Chief O’Connor also encouraged departments to keep track of who views the book.
• If the sex offender is a delinquent minor you cannot put them in the public book.
• Lastly send an email out to the campus community advising sex offenders that they now must register at the institution. Chief O’Connor said sex offenders know what they are supposed to do and should not cause an issue.

III. Secretary Report:
Secretary Gohlke asked that the summer 2011 meeting minutes be approved. Chief Pete Comanda of Joliet Junior Community College accepted the motion and Chief Pat O’Connor of Moraine Valley Community College seconded the motion. Motion passed. The summer 2011 minutes were approved.

IV. Treasury Report:
President Young presented the treasury report. Chief Lyon is currently working on putting due notices and payment options online. As of January 6, 2012 ICLEA had a balance of $2853.96 President Young asked for a motion to approve the treasury report. Chief Barb O’Connor of the University of Illinois accepted the motion and Chief Pat O’Connor seconded motion. The treasury report passed.

V. FBI Update:

If you have questions please contact Special Agent Al G. or the ICLEA board.

VI. New Business:
A. Aileen Robinson presented on the Safe Haven Act. Campus Police are now required to be a safe haven. Security does not have to do this. Aileen stressed that student employees are staff and should be trained in this new law.

Aileen can be contacted at the following address:

Aileen Robinson
Program Development Coordinator
Chicago Police Department
Domestic Violence Program
3510 South Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60653

B. Next, Kevin with All Traffic Solutions presented on the various speed and messaging signs his company provides.

C. Jennifer Timmons and Dr. Laura Kunard discussed the Campus Safety Enhancement Act. Jennifer and Laura stated that they would be happy to help institutions with plans but they do not approve plans. Emergency plans are not a mandatory issue but it would be a good idea to have a comprehensive plan in place for your institution. Senior members of the organization advised the whole group that failure to be ready for a critical incident will result in serious consequences after the incident.

• As of January 1, 2012 48% of universities and colleges had submitted plans.
• 75% to 80% of community colleges had submitted plans.

Jennifer and Laura stressed that your emergency plan should be a living breathing document and be evaluated each year.

VII. Old Business:
No old business to discuss.

VIII. Meeting adjourned:
President Young asked the group who would like to hold the next meeting on March 30, 2012. Chief Barb O’Connor eagerly stated that UofI would host the next meeting in Champaign, IL. Chief O’Connor will miss this meeting. She is heading back east to UConn. ICLEA thanks Barb for all she has done for the organization.

President Young asked for a motion to close the meeting. Chief Barb O’Connor approved the motion and Chief Pat O’Connor seconded the motion. The meeting was closed at 1415hrs.